How To Create Premium Soap.

If you look closely at soap ingredients you will see many of them missing from my soap. You will never see:

Tallow– This is fat from a slaughtered cow. You will never find this ingredient in any of my premium soaps. It’s often used in home soap making because it is cheap. It won’t produce a premium bar.

Lard– Better known as fat from a slaughtered pig. A very cheap soap ingredient that will never create a premium soap

Pomace Olive Oil– Another cheap oil produced from the dregs of olives when no more oil can be squeezed out. They add a chemical, Hexane, to the dregs to remove any oil remaining. Then the manufactures try to remove the chemical. I only use first press organic olive oil.

.The risk of benzopyrene contamination occurs when the heating method used to evaporate the solvent exceeds 300 degrees Celsius (572 degrees Farenheit). In these instances, the fat is liquefied into fluid and then drips out of the olive pomace, but the problem is that the insanely high heat results in the partial combustion of the oil with the rest of the physical pomace. This can cause the rapid accumulation of benzopyrenes in the final product.

I have seen soap made with these cheaper oils priced at $10/bar. My most expensive bar is $6. It contains the very expensive imported Bulgarian Lavender essential oil. My average price is $5/bar.

“you can’t Make A Silk Purse Out Of A Sow’s Ear”. This is a true adage! You will see many soap companies make the statement that using animal fat and pomace creates a quality bar of soap and that makes no sense on any level. Garbage in, garbage out! It just won’t happen.

All the cold process, handmade soap in my shop is created using first press organic olive oil, Organic Coconut oil, organic palm oil, organic raw cocoa butter, organic jojoba oil, organic goat milk, and a combination of other organic ingredients depending on the formulation I am using. This is how you create a premium high grade soap! Experience The Difference.



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