It’s All About Choices

Nothing causes more controversy then the addition of color and scent in soap. I create soap using both, but I also create natural soap for those who would prefer nothing additional in their soap. It’s all about choices!

I personally enjoy a beautiful bar of skin loving soap that smells just awesome. It goes, I think, to aroma therapy, and scent can indeed lift the mood and heighten the spirits. Find the right scent and you too can sing in the shower.

I source my scents and colors very carefully. Phthalates is one of the current buzz words to strike fear into the heart. If you live on this planet you will come in contact with phthalates every day. They are found in hundreds of products found in the home. Many of them in plastic products to make the plastic softer. They had even been found in babies binky until the FDA stepped in and had them removed.

When used in fragrances the phthalates extend the scent. The fragrance industry has removed the phthalates from most of their scents and those are the ones I buy for my soap. I also use essential oils for scent, but most don’t hold very well, except for a few like peppermint.

People automatically think essential oils are safer because they come from plant material, but it just isn’t so. Some can be quite dangerous and many are used, to this day, in creating medications. Digitalis is one example. It comes from the beautiful Foxglove plant. During pregnancy it’s safest to avoid all things that are unnecessary. Like color and scent. I have natural soap to use during pregnancy.

Color enhances the beauty of the soap and allows for some awesome creations. What a drab world this would be without color. I follow the FDA guidelines for color and scent. They are very clear on the do’s and the thou shall not’s.

A bar of soap is a great canvas for the artistic spirit. While its true you will get just as clean with a white bar of soap, think of all the fun you will miss. Remember, it’s all about choices.

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Happy Bubbles!


2 thoughts on “It’s All About Choices

  1. Janice, thanks so much for the informative letter about soap COLOR & SCENTS. In our modern world we accept chemicals in every area of living without thought. Your products are worth every penny. Subjects on the chemical assault of society border so much on conspiracy by the government either from greed, big business etc; Any way to reduce chemicals in the household is a good idea. And Soap is so important in our daily life, mine anyway. Please keep ’em coming-the info and of course-SOAP!!!


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