An Adventure In Soap Making!

One of the most aggravating problems in soap making is a fragrance that causes rapid acceleration of the soap batter. I just hit another one with Angel. It was a request by one of my customers and I gladly make those. Acceleration is when, adding the fragrance oil, you go from loose batter to almost instant soap.

Had the design and colors worked out in my head. Prepped the colors and added the lye solution to the oils. I had planned on a white background with hot pink and purple swirling through out. And then the Soap Fairies hit! They do exist. Just make a well planned soap. They will introduce themselves.

As I mixed the fragrance into the color prepped pitchers I knew I was doomed! Acceleration! Now theres acceleration and then there acceleration. I had the latter. Verging on seizure, also known as soap in a pot!

I dumped, literally, the white into the mold, rapidly followed by the pink and purple which floated on the hard white. Not a damn swirl to be seen. So I did the only sensible thing, and grabbed my big spoon and beat it into submission. A new technique in soap making. Now I have made soap for almost 20 years and none of that experience counts. No predicting acceleration. You just keep your big spoon handy.

So I made an executive decision. (I’m the CEO when I’m not cleaning up.) no more Hot Angel soap. That lasted until my customers wanted to know when the new batch will be ready. That’s the Soap Fairies you hear giggling in the background. So, today I grabbed my big spoon and did battle. We now have another batch of Hot Angel soap for Uptown Girl Soap. No swirls. Try some and hear your skin sing the Glory Alleluia song. No, it isn’t the Soap Fairies. Your skin can recognize the difference between quality soap and all the rest.
Happy Bubbles!


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