How Far Would You Go?

As the population ages, anti- aging skin care increases, especially within the nations holding the highest number of baby boomers. That includes the USA. Individuals born between 1946 and 1964 are the biggest consumers of anti-aging services and products. More than 8,000 individuals are added per day to the count of people above 65 and this trend is expected to continue.

The USA is the biggest market when it comes to skin care. Facial anti-aging skin products generated sales of approximately 1.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2014. Total skin care sales were 2.8 billion US dollars in 2014. Now those are some serious numbers for skin care. So it’s safe to say, people take skin care, especially anti-wrinkle products, to a very high level. So just how far would they go?

When it comes to skin and looking good, women are willing to go to any length in search of that fountain if youth. Here are some astonishing skin treatments and numbers.

🔴 45% opted for sheep placenta face masks. The stem cells are purported to increase collagen and tighten the skin. I don’t know about you, but for me, there is a big yuck factor.

🔴 41% were willing to try Bee Venom. This one is said to smooth out wrinkles and fool the skin to produce more collagen. Very costly when you consider you can get a bee to bite you for free.

🔴 39% went for Vampire Face Masks. Blood is taken from your body and injected into your face. This has a really high yuck factor. This process creates platelet rich plasma. It is said to remove fine lines and, since the results are instant, it can be done before a special occasion. I know of no occasion special enough to give this a go.

🔴 38% opted for leeches. Yes, the little blood suckers. Demi Moore has admitted to undergoing this treatment. It involves placing leeches on your face and letting them detoxify your blood giving you a fresher and younger looking face. For me, this one really rings the yuck bell since bugs of any type terrify me.

🔴 30% were positive a sperm facial could turn back the clock. Researchers have said  a component called spermine, present in semen, is rich in anti-oxidants, and when applied on the face, can prevent the skin from ageing and give it a smoother texture. I’m not saying a single word on this one. I did think though that the researchers might be male and willing donors.

🔴 25% went the bird poo route. This bit of insanity came from Japan and is called the Geisha Facial. Many celebs go this route. Better than leeches I suppose. Marginally!

🔴 21% for Cryotherapy. Demi Moore opted for this one also. You expose yourself to temperatures below 140 degrees for a short period of time. It is said to eliminate toxins and help regenerate tissues, plus stimulating collagen production. Sounds like the road to serious frost bite to me.

🔴 19% Cactus Massage. Thorns removed, this one is supposed to detoxify the skin, hydrate and heal it too, especially if they missed a thorn. Worldwide spa clinics utilize this facial at a very high price.

🔴 15% are into Urine Therapy. Drink it or wear it to give one a glowing and wrinkle free skin. It is said to have anti- aging properties, but if it was in your body already, and you have wrinkles, my guess is that it isn’t going to work. What more can you say?

🔴 14% are for Gold Facials. Chinese women ran a gold roller over their face for cell renewal and collagen production. This lead to the gold mask facial utilizing 24 karat gold and a gold flake serum to hydrate and smooth the skin instantly. I like my gold in a bracelet, around my wrist where I can see it. Just rub it on your face before closing the clasp. I am a firm believer in multi- tasking.

So, there you have the current insanity on the never ending journey to the fountain of youth. At an exorbitant fee! Take your pick! Or, buy my $5 bar of premium, handmade soap, use sun screen and avoid large doses of sun for excellent youth retention. That’s a no brainer in my book.


2 thoughts on “How Far Would You Go?

  1. ThankYou for this! Amusing, plus, made my day! Will be ordering soon. While shopping at TARGET went in search of the soap aisle-IT DOESN’T EXIST ANYMORE. Only shelves filled with body wash.(chemicals in plastic, if you ask me 😃) Thanks again for your incredible products-Betsy(Elizabeth Saup)


    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. It is appreciated.
      The bars from the stores are more detergent then anything. You just can’t beat a good bar of real soap. Janice


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